Working on My List

3 01 2010

So I’ve been working on my Mission 101 list today… and I’ve now reached a bit of a plateau.

The first forty or so list items were relatively easy with lots of little (and big!) projects and aims – but apart from that? It’s been very slow going. Obviously coming up with ideas is a huge task and worthy of its own dot point in the Big List. Prior to starting, my brain was bursting full of ideas, and I wonder if I’ve exhausted them already? Surely not, right?

Some of my chosen areas of improvement so far are: Photography, Culinary, Domestic, Geekdom, Marriage, Adventure, Creativity and Vanity (these will be likely to change before publishing the full list).

Hopefully with sleep tonight comes clarity in the form of dreams or snatches of new ideas. How embarrassing it’d be to not even get this new project off the ground!




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