Only 73?

10 01 2010

Goal-setting, goal-setting….where does one start?

With the person that we are?

The person we want to be?

Goals that have purpose?

… Or those that have no purpose at all but to entertain and tittilate?

I wish that my 101 goals were written down, completed and ready for publishing. After spending the last week adding, subtracting and refining I’m on the resounding total of…. 73. I could not believe it – surely I’d have at least 90 by now? I counted again and again, but to no avail – there were definitely only 73 items on my list.

However, I’m two-thirds there and on the home stretch… I can do this, I know I can.

Most recent list item added: Leave a permanent mark somewhere in my local neighbourhood.




2 responses

11 01 2010

Have you tried looking at other peoples lists, to see if there’s any goals you want to borrow? I’ve added my website if you want to look at my goals. Hope it helps!

12 01 2010
Rebecca W

Hi Lee,

Yes, I ‘ve been looking around at a few people’s 101 blogs/site to get ideas – the trouble is that I’m ‘borrowing’ one or two here and there instead of copying a whole slab from others (after all, they’re ultimately my goals and what I want to achieve in these 2.75 years). It’s slow-going, but by adding 5 or so to my list everyday I’m getting there. Into the 80s now! đŸ˜‰

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