Canadian Bay

7 02 2010

Goal complete: 037. Relax on a beach [more info]

My best friend Marisa decided to help me out so I could complete a goal from my list (she’s also working on a list of her own!), inviting me to the lovely Canadian Bay beach outside of Mt Eliza in south-eastern Melbourne. She has a personal tie to this beach and she talks about it often, and it was great to have the opportunity to see it for myself.

On the morning of January 30th, I set off with my husband Matt for the hour-long drive to the coast, meeting Marisa and two other friends there. We lay out our beach towels, curled out toes in the (hot!!) sand and ate a picnic lunch before venturing out into the water. I was hesitant about wearing a bikini in public, but it wasn’t until Marisa entered the water without a care in the world that I realised I could do this too… so I did.

I’d forgotten how wonderful it felt to submerge myself in water, and I vow to do this again more often – both experiencing salt water and perhaps doing a few laps at the local pool (I had a decent stroke as a teen).

Thanks Marisa for your inspiration! (see full entry for more pictures)

Marisa and I

With my husband Matt (all smiles, before the weather got too hot!)

On the beach!

Sandy feet



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