There once was a Bookcase…

12 02 2010

082. Find a unique set-up for displaying my jewellery [more info]

 There once was a small, wrought iron folding shelf purchased from a discount store. It lived in my bedroom in my late teenage years, and held the most special and loved of my books (especially Maggie Furey’s Artifacts of Power series). When I moved out of home – and in with my boyfriend (who would later become my husband) – there was no place for the shelf so it went into the back of a wardrobe in the spare bedroom.

I didn’t think of it again until five years later (now married) and rediscovered it when clearing things out before moving house in December 2009. It sat there unassuming, propped up between the Christmas decorations and an old costume box. I thought it needed a function again, and figured I’d like my collection of children’s picture books (for work) on there. It wasn’t until my husband Matt asked me recently if I was going to do anything with it that I realised I was.

So yesterday, sitting crosslegged on the floor while a thunderstorm raged overhead…

 … and the lights flickered on and off, I put the folding shelf to good use… this time to hold my large collection of necklaces:


 I’m happy with the final result for now, the bag and box on the top shelf contain bracelets and hair pretties. I think I can successfully tick this goal off my list. 🙂




9 responses

13 02 2010

That’s a fabulous use of that piece. It looks like a work of art with all those beautiful necklaces!

13 02 2010

Oh wow! That is a wonderful idea. It looks such an attractive display! 🙂

13 02 2010
Rebecca W

Thank you so much to you both!

Truth be told I keep sneaking little peeks into the bedroom to check out the area to see if I still like it… and I definitely do! Though part of my thinks it’s a dreadful waste of space in this small apartment (eg, that wicker baskets would have been a wiser choice), I’m thrilled with how it turned out. 🙂

14 02 2010

:O That’s really pretty. Looks like something I’d do (if I had the furniture) Do you think it will always remain that organised?

14 02 2010
Rebecca W

I’d like to hope that it stays organised (probably not as neat asc it is now, but something resembling the system I’ve set up!). Since I’m only usually wearing 1-2 things from the shelf per day I don’t see why it won’t work for me.

Dust may be sometihng to contend with… but I’ll cross that bridge once I get to it! (The shelf was from The Reject Shop, by the way… so nothing fancy ;P).

18 02 2010

Oooh! Interesting way of displaying the necklaces. Does Jesse like it? 😉

20 02 2010
Rebecca W

Jesse’s been eyeing up a little bit (though I think mainly because his old cage was black), but hasn’t gone near it yet. Considering he chewed through a silver necklace (good one at that!) of mine recently, he’d be well suggested to stay away.

20 02 2010

That’s… different. The more I look at it, the more I like it. Well done! I was thinking with your bracelets and other pretties… You could put pretty painted or covered board on the side of it, with little bronze hooks and hang your bracelets there. It’d be like a revolving jewellery rack, without the movement 😉

21 02 2010
Rebecca W

That’s such a good idea Cindy!

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