February Goal Updates

14 02 2010

This is more of a generalised update for the goals that I’m working on at the moment (partly so that I remember what I’m doing!), that aren’t yet complete.

Update includes pictures.

023. Use a Mooncup for three complete menstrual cycles (1/3) [more info]
I used my Mooncup in my most recent cycle, and it was challenging to use as little other products (liners, light pads etc) as possible. I’m working out a system of using/cleaning/re-using during the day (eg, at work) but still sorting out night-time. As it takes practice to get the seal right, I had a couple of nights of leakage (sorry, TMI…) so used it in conjunction with a pad for a few nights. hopefulyl by next cycle I’ll have had more practice and consistently getting that seal nice and tight.

024. Regularly visit a naturopath over a twelve-month period [more info]
I haven’t gone into seeing my Naturopath yet (I started seeing her in June 2009), but have been liasing with her via emails recently. Because it’s been difficult for me to come and see her since starting back at work (she’s about 45min away from my house, post-move), she’s mailing my herbal tinctures out to me. This woman has been my pillar of support in the past eight months!

047. Get to 10 generations in The Sims 2 (2/10) [more info]
Generation 2 has arrived (which is actually Gen. 3 in my game, but I’d already started the neighbourhood before the commencement of Mission 101 so it doesn’t really count. My neighbourhood is alien/fantasy-themed, so picture lots of custom skintones, vivacious eyes and outrageous hair! Surprisingly the recessive genetics have proven stronger than the so-called dominant ones in many respects. Makes for interesting gameplay. 🙂

052. Scrapbook six months [more info]
I’ve begun working on scrapbooking pictures from my 2007 Project365 collection (whcih I actually did for three years straight, but gave it a miss in favour of Mission 101 this year – can you tell yet that I like to keep creatively busy??) The challenge in these pages has been to use all seven pictures from each week in a single layout. Here’s one of the first layouts of the year:

2007 layout #1

075. Turn the second bedroom into a functioning office/spare room [more info]
One of my husband’s friends came to stay last weekend, and that forced us to organise things in our second bedroom a bit more (remember that we moved into this house eight weeks ago, so it’s still box city). I’m seeing progress though:

And this is  the pile of boxes/bags still remaining (the hardest part, since there’s a lot of junk and/or occasional things there)
Eventually the desk (currently in the loungeroom) with the computer will go in this space.

083. Give away items to charity five times (1/5) [more info]
During January, I gave a box of clothing and linens to Diabetes Australia (hubby even went through his drawers as well… we inspired each other!) This was what was given away:

087. Talk to my Dad at least once per month for a year (1/12) [more info]
And lastly (but not least!) I’ve been making more of an effort to talk to my Dad. We didn’t get to see each other in person during January, but I did call him on the phone. Conversation was a little forced at times but I know we’ll get more into it as time goes on. We’ve drifted apart in the last few years.

And that’s about it – the ongoing goals at the moment, and the progress I’ve been making towards each one. An epic read. 😉



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17 02 2010

I love your scrapbook page! I have a bunch of scrapbooking supplied but no photos…. Maybe I should have done Project 365 instead of 101 in 1001 this year. (Actually, it is one of my 101’s but I missed a day pretty early and haven’t gotten back on the horse just yet.)

18 02 2010
Rebecca W

P365 can start at any time! (just like Mission 101). 🙂

Don’t despair, pick it back up when you feel the urge – P365 is a big commitment!

Thanks for the feedback on my scrapping pages – are your supplies digital or conventional (ie, paper) scrapbooking?

21 02 2010

I was hoping today to be able to get my 101/1001 list finished but I’m not sure I’ll manage it.

Well done on making progress on the spare room. One thing I’m not looking forward to (yet again) is packing up the house and unpacking it at the other end! I mean, it’ll be OUR house, but still… the thought of packing and unpacking is daunting – moreso than actually building the house in the first place! Heh 🙂

21 02 2010
Rebecca W

I didn’t really have anything to compare the packing/moving experience to before, since the last time I did it I was moving out of the family home and had only bedroom furniture and flat-packed cheap furniture to transport! Now it’s definitely more daunting, and next time we’ll have stairs to contend with too. o_O

Good luck getting your list done, as I said it’s slow-going near the end but worth it. 🙂

28 03 2010
On Natural Therapies « Rebecca's Mission 101

[…] I did it. I used a MoonCup for three full menstrual cycles (I wrote more about it last month). For those of you unaware of what a Mooncup is, it’s a natural silicone cup designed to hold […]

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