March Goal Updates

11 03 2010

As work has been getting busier this year, I’ve had to start making a little more effort to keep at working on my goals. I can imagine that by mid-year I’ll be consciously having to print out goal points and stick them to various surfaces around the home and workplace (maybe not the seduction one, hey? ;P).

In the meantime, here are my March updates (while I haven’t completed any new goals, I’ve been working towards them) –

012. Cook with five unfamiliar vegetables (0/5) [more info]
I bought a kohlrabi from the local greengrocer a few days ago, but am yet to cook with it. It’s a root-looking vegetable (not far from celeriac) and is apparently from the same family as cabbage and turnips. You can eat it sliced raw (crunchy like an apple, according to Wikipedia), or roasted and seasoned… which is probably the route I’ll take with it. I’ll let you know what I think of it soon. 😉

023. Use a Mooncup for three complete menstrual cycles (2/3) [more info]
Officially two months into my three-month exclusive use of the Mooncup.  Hooray to saving money on disposable sanitary supplies!

029. Get my paperwork ready to start emergency teaching again [more info]
I may need to amend this goal at some point, as I’ve started doing a little bit of emergency teaching work already. However, I’ve recently booked training dates for Asthma training and Anaphylaxis training for later in March. Strictly speaking, all I’ll need then is an updated police check (which I need for starting IVF this year anyway; silly Government laws) and I’ll have an updated book. Whether or not I re-join an agency this year remains to be seen, but it’s nice to know that it’ll be ready to go.

033. Complete a ‘Learning Journal’ entry every week for a school year [more info]
Five weeks of entries done, and thirty-five to go. This will be my first year of completing a full year’s worth of journals instead of a half-year (I started mid-year for the last two years).

034. Don’t go into work on a weekend for two months (5/8) [more info]
This has been a challenge for me, as it’s easy to leave the classroom a bit disorganised at the end of the week and go to straighten up on Sunday afternoon. Instead I’ve been getting my act together and staying a little longer on Friday afternoons when necessary. Sure, it means my weekend starts a little later but I get two continuous days without needing to go into work. I’ve been working from home a bit more on weekends (especially while setting up children’s portfolios etc) which I’ll probably try to rein in during the next few months.

061. Visit five places with my husband that are outside my interests (1/5) [more info]
On February 7th I went out with Matt to the Porcupine Tree concert in Melbourne. In years gone past I’d have probably said no to going, but this year is the start of challenging myself and being open to new experiences! I don’t regret going at all, though it was loud and different to the mainstream pop concerts I’m used to, I had a ball. Matt said it was one of the better gigs he’s been to, and it gave me a new-found appreciation for the band’s music (progressive rock; which I didn’t mind before but like more now).

084. Freecycle 20 items (2/20) [more info]
I Freecycled two items during the time of February/March, some jewellery (which I separated during the reorganisation last month) and some old dance stockings. During my teenage years and early twenties I’d amassed a collection of thick stockings from dance concerts and competitions, some which are now too small and others I had no use for anymore. One of the things that I like about Freecycle is the feedback from people receiving their items – sometimes you get none and other times there are heartfelt thanks. In the case of the stockings, the new owner explained that they were for use with her adult dance troupe and linked me to a news article about her group. What a fulfilling experience!

087. Talk to my Dad at least once per month for a year (2/12) [more info]
I invited Dad over to my house in early March (along with his wife and her son), and even though they were only able to stay a short time it was good to bond positively again. I’ve also been trying to make an effort to call him more. It still feels a little uneasy at times but I know things will eventually become more natural.

Onto the rest of March and April!



2 responses

28 03 2010

You can also boil and mash kohlrabi, similar to mashed potatoes.

I love this idea of tracking your 101 in 1001. I started a list but it might be more meaningful to document it!

28 03 2010
Rebecca W

I’ll have to try the kohlrabi as a substiute for mashed potatoes next time – thanks for the tip! 🙂

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