Review – Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb

23 03 2010

046. Complete 20 video games (1/20) [more info]

I finished the main quest of a puzzle game this week, the first as part of my Mission 101 challenge!game logo

A find-and-click hidden puzzle game, Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb reminds me very much of the I-Spy books where the object is to find… well, objects. Introducing the interactive version and you must keep your eyes peeled to find a myriad of modern-day and old-fashioned items (ten per puzzle) amongst a very convincing background. Sure, it looks and feels like an Indiana Jones rip-off from the title screen alone… but ignore that – the textures are lifelike and it is difficult to discern what is background and what is a foreground object to find at times.

What surprised me was the length of the game – twenty ‘missions’ made up of anywhere between 6-10 levels each, and between each level is a mini-game (memory, spot the difference, jigsaw puzzle or picture-slider). Although it says I took eight hours to complete the game, because of playing it in short stints it felt a lot longer. Great for winding down before bed or for quiet gaming time, immersive yet peaceful.

The negative? It can be quite repetitious (especially the mini-games, when you’re just wanting to get to the next level), and maps can be hard on the eye.

No fanfare for completing the main quest (simply a You Have Won-style screen), but mode unlocked for finding up to 70 objects per map.

While I probably wouldn’t play through it again, it has made me interested in other similar games in the franchise (I downloaded Amazing Adventures: Around the World. Pop Cap have created some great games in the past, and you’ll probably read about a few more of them (among others) during the course of this project.



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