On Natural Therapies

28 03 2010

023. Use a Mooncup for three complete menstrual cycles (3/3) [more info]

Sorry to any males reading this blog, this entry’s mainly for the women.

Well… I did it. I used a MoonCup for three full menstrual cycles (I wrote more about it last month). For those of you unaware of what a Mooncup is, it’s a natural silicone cup designed to hold mentsrual blood instead of using a tampon or sanitary pad. I have endometriosis (a condition where the uterine lining – normally shed each month through a period – grows in areas outside the uterus and remains in the body, causing pain and other symptoms). When using tampons – which is convenient for a lot of women, myself included – they plug up the flow of blood and make that ‘time of the month’  less messy and more manageable.

In the case of having endometriosis, tampons cause the very real risk of forcing menstrual blood outside of the uterus (for exanple, out past the fallopian tubes and ovaries, and onto the back of the uterus, bladder and bowel. This is what surgery found in my situation (January 2008), and the removal of the ‘nodules’ has caused scar tissue building up within my reproductive system that has lead (or so my specialists think) to infertility.

In a nut-shell, seeking natural therapies (seeing a naturopath, cleansing my body of toxins by eating a healthy diet, shunning commercial deoderants, using a MoonCup etc) is more than a simple seachange, it’s a preparation for the journey my body is taking in being pregnancy-ready. Being a mother is one of my life’s dreams – and writing about babies/pregnancy when goal-setting was something I thought long and hard about. By putting a potentially ‘unrealistic’ goal on my list, I was perhaps setting myself up for failure… so I chose not to (NB: instead I chose the goal of “holding a newborn baby” – which could be my own or someone else’s).

Using the MoonCup encompasses just one of the changes that I have been making in my life, and something I will continue to do (ie, not stopping just because I have crossed the goal off my list). Who knows, maybe some time in the next two years I will have the opportunity to write those words I have been longing for in my last ten years of internet blogging… that I am pregnant.



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