New Recipe: Hot Cross Buns

31 03 2010

017. Try out 50 new recipes (3/50) [more info]

During the week I attempted to make hot cross buns for the first time, following this recipe. I’m happy to say that they turned out well… and tasted just like the Baker’s Delight buns that sell for ridiculous amounts of money here in Australia. (I also made a batch to take to my Kindergarten group as part of Easter celebrations – all but one child ate their bun with excitement; the peel put him off).

Read on to see pictures from the baking process!


Ingredients ready for baking (yeast mixture foaming to the right in the jug)

Dough rises in a high, warm spot (on top of my stove fan!)


Yummy dough ready to pound down and form into buns. 🙂

Sixteen little pieces of dough which go in the pan for rising and will form the buns.
Adding the crosses (flour + water paste) and baking for 30min at 180C.

The finished buns…. yum! 🙂



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