6 04 2010

084. Freecycle 20 items (7/20) [more info]

After opening and packing away more of my boxes (we moved in December), I’ve been able to sort some of my possessions into to-keep/eBay/Freecycle piles. For those who are unfamiliar with the comcept of Freecycling, it’s an online form of recycling – keeping items out of landfill that you might otherwise throw away (or in my case, have sitting around in a box indefinitely). You post on a message board and you receive email responses from people who are interested in picking up your items.

Here are a few things I’ve given away recently:

bunnyRabbit toy (picked up by a father and his toddler daughter)
 candles and candle holderCandles and candle holder set

digital photo frame keyringDigital photo frame keyring  

handbag holderHook for holding your handbag over a table/benchtop

christmas decorationsMetallic Christmas decorations  

It’s quite addictive to Freecycle, and my favourite part is receiving the ‘thank you’ messages from people who are happy with what they’ve picked up. As a rule of thumb, I always photograph items so people aren’t misled with what they’re getting (ie, some people’s desciptions are quite vague — a picture is a much better determining factor!)



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5 10 2010
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