Hurstbridge Farmer’s Market

2 05 2010

011. Attend a Farmer’s Market [more info]
042. Visit five markets I’ve never been to before (2/5) [more info]

This morning I visited the Hurstbridge Farmer’s Market and sampled some yummy local produce.

I was expecting more fruit and vegetable stalls, but there were a handful of those (pumpkins, apples and potatoes mainly in season) in addition to breads, baked goods, honey and oils. Best of all, chemical and pesticide-free foods! I look forward to going again next month. 🙂

My purchases:

Pumpkin, kaffir lime leaves, snowpeas, garlic, strawberries, raw honey and tarts for afternoon tea with a friend.



2 responses

4 05 2010

Yummm… 🙂

4 05 2010
Rebecca W

*grins* Everything’s been so tasty so far (only the honey, pumpkin and some of the garlic is left)

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