Inconceivable (Ben Elton)

6 05 2010

048. Read 50 books (2/50) [more info]
049. Read 10 books that aren’t from the sci-fi or fantasy genres (1/10) [more info]

Recently my naturopath let me borrow the book Inconceivable from her bookshelf, commenting that it may help me come to terms with a few issues I’ve been going through. Since I’ve always been an avid reader (although, these days, not as much as I’d like — life can get in the way) the thought of reading about a couple’s fertility journey interested me, particularly written from a comedic point of view. (note: It’s also a movie called Maybe Baby, which I didn’t realise until a friend pointed it out to me – I plan on downloading it)

This tale had everything – it made me laugh, it made me cry, it hit home how irrational I’ve been about things at times (oops!) and I could relate to it a heck of a lot. Sure, it’s based in the UK but there are parallels to Australian life (and procedures). My hunch is that either the author and his wife went through an IVF journey, or he did an enormous amount of research on the topic (it lists in the foreword that he has twin children so it’s a likely possibility…).

However, what let the story down for me was the ending. The book went from being realistic quasi-realistic to quite unbelieveable. Maybe I was after a more fitting ending? Instead there was some Hollywood cheese (and not in the way that you think, when you look at the synopsis). I won’t spoil it for anyone, but it’s definitely worth a read. The book wasn’t even science-fiction and it hooked me right in.

And that’s a rarity.



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