Photography: 50 in 50mm Challenge

4 07 2010

005. Complete the ‘50 in 50mm’ challenge [more info]

This month I want to focus on my photography some more because it’s a fun time-out from writing portfolios, medications and thinking about the future. And where better to start than to take 50 pictures over 50 days using only my 50mm lens! (50 in 50, geddit??)

Also an added challenge for me as the 50mm lens is manual only on my camera body. Added element of difficulty at times. 😉

Here are the first three days of the challenge:

#01 - The 'lovey' (woollen blanket with a bunny head knitted for her future grandchild by my mother.

#02 - A trip to IKEA proves to be a winner, I come home with a new rug for the loungeroom carpet in shades of gorgeous grey.

#03 - Reading on the train (Little Brother, by Cory Doctorow - highly recommended!)



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