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15 08 2010

048. Read 50 books (6/50) [more info]
049. Read 10 books that aren’t from the sci-fi or fantasy genres (2/10) [more info]

Over the last couple of months I’ve been doing a fair bit of reading (or more than I’ve done in the last year). Sitting on public transport and waiting for appointments at hospitals will do that to you… but at least I’ve used the time well. 🙂

One recent book I’ve finished is Ringworld (Larry Niven), a story of space exploration and distant races written in the 1970s. The story revolves (pun intended :P) around a narrow band of substance orbiting around a star that appears to be long-abandoned by its creators (the ‘Engineers’), but inhabited by an ancestor of a humanoid species. The story is quite humourous in parts, making droll mentions of a race of giant parrots and interspecies intercourse, to name a couple of instances. Well worth the read, even if it’s a little slow to get into and if you can ignore some scientific and physics-based inaccuracies).

Another book is a collection of tales of Australians who find themselves childless, not by choice. An Inconceiveable Notion: Stories of Infertility and Childlessness (Justine Davies) focuses on the stories of women (and men) who live with infertililty. Interestingly, this book popped up on my COLLECT list from the local library shortly after finding out that I was pregnant (after a long battle with infertility myself, through endometriosis). I wondered whether to pick it up and decided to in the end. Some of the stories were ones I could relate to – IVF or endometriosis, while others related to PCOS, age or finding a partner later in life. While infertility seems like a depressing read, it was actually uplifting to see people working towards acceptance and that life brings so many other opportunities. Do I consider myself out of the infertile backwaters simply because I’m pregnant now? No, I don’t – infertility is something I will identify with for the rest of my life, regardless of where life might lead.



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2 12 2010
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