Recent Gaming

19 08 2010

046. Complete 20 video games (4/20) [more info]

I’ve been playing some casual games recently (amongst Sims 2 and other such things), completing The Wizard’s Pen and Plants vs Zombies (both PopCap games, as part of a gaming pack a bought a few months ago on a Steam sale).

The Wizard’s Pen wasn’t much to write home about… in fact the hunt-and-seek game was repetitious, boring and only the genuinely interesting scenes saved it (and that’s exaggerating!). I start what I finish, so I jumped through it as quickly as possible and realised I’d wasted a few hours of my life on it a couple of weeks later. Not my favourite in Pop Cap’s puzzle gaming library.

On the other hand, Plants vs Zombies is an excellent example of what casual gaming can be. A great soundtrack, well-designed characters and addictive gameplay. You move through the levels by collecting ‘suns’ to buy offense/defence garden items to stop the hoards of zombies from entering your home. Steam achievements and a variety of mini-games make for for gameplay beyond the main story too. Well worth playing, especially with the recent update featuring new achievements!



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