Freecycling Again

5 10 2010

083. Give away items to charity five times (2/5) [more info]
084. Freecycle 20 items (16/20) [more info]

The great Freecycling (giving away items for free through a website so they don’t get thrown out/end up in landfill) spree of 2010 continues. I don’t give away absolute junk, but items with a purpose. Here’s my list so far since I started Mission 101: 

1. Metallic Christmas decorations x 7
2. Digital photo frame keyring
3. Candles and candleholder set
4. Soft rabbit toy
5. Handbags (purses) x 4
6. Small blue glass angel figurine
7. Acrylic nuggets/beads (from table scatters at our wedding)
8. Soapdish and soap giftpack
9. Bathroom samples (small tubes & bottles of shampoo, lotion etc)
10. Leftover pregnancy tests that will expire this year
11. Purple bath products (salt crystals, lotions etc)
12. Nail polish remover
13. Ladies razor (new in pack)
14. Botanical of Australia giftpack
15. Green suitcase on wheels
16. Moving boxes x 12 

I think there might possibly be more, but these I have picture evidence of. 

An example of one of the items I've given away (a 'bathroom samples' pack)


(also see this post for more details)

As I am also realising that with pregnancy comes changes in body shape, it was time to clean out clothing that was too small/too tight/too ‘teenage’. What would I never wear again? It was difficult but with the help of my Mum I filled a recyclable bag of clothing to go off to the charity shop (she also took three more bags away of clothing to store until next year when I’m no longer pregnant – now I have plenty of room in my wardrobe).



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