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19 10 2010

017. Try out 50 new recipes (13/50) [more info]

September was my designated ‘month of food’ (ie, the time to try out new recipes). It sort of extended into October by the time I had… well, more time up my sleeve!Here are some of the new dishes I made during the last six weeks:

#7 - Chicken parcels with roasted fennel and orange salad

Chicken dish: No recipe (contained ham, cheese, tomato paste and mixed herbs)
Salad dish: From Bowl Food (page 93)

The salad was time-consuming (first roasting the fennel, segmenting the orange and making a dressing) but tasted absolutely delicious! Very complex in flavour and there was (sadly) no leftovers by the time hubby and I finished with it. Mint added a refreshing taste to the salad. The chicken was a tad overcooked, making it dry. The taste was nice, but needed less cooking time if making it again.

#8 - Potato and leek soup

Soup: Hubby memorised the recipe from his Mum (we had recently visited them in Hobart)

Very easy, including leaving the skins on the potato. Put potatoes, onions, garlic, bacon, stock etc into a pot and cook. I pureed it a little too much at the end with the mixer, and it turned out a little thin (we added some sour cream to try and thicken it up). Nice taste. 🙂


#9 – Bread rolls

Bread: Recipe from The Convent Bakery’s artisan bread course.

Hubby and I attended an artisan bread-making course with one of his work colleagues, and during the day we learnt to make (including correct shaping) of pizza dough, calzone, sourdough (which I have already made before), scones and a variety of bread rolls. I chose to include the bread rolls because they were different to other forms of bread I have made.
#10 & #11 – Vegetable frittata and curried rice salad

Frittata: Recipe from
Salad: Recipe also from

The frittata was extremely easy to make, and the only time consuming part was cutting/grating the vegetables. At this point in the week I had assortments of half veggies lying around in the fridge but no meat, so I challenged myself to make a hearty veggie-based meal. For extra taste, I might add bacon to the frittata next time (which would then make it non-vegetarian), or season it with additional herbs. The salad was also very easy, I left out the apple and added a cucumber for crispness instead. Another meal devoured. 😉

#12 - Baked Moroccan chicken and rice


Chicken: Recipe from
Excuse the raw dish being posted – after I’d finished cooking hubby plowed into it so fast that it wasn’t very attractive at that point! I had my doubts about the dish initially – you layer raw rice on the bottom of the baking dish before topping with onion, tomato, peas and lemon juice. Chicken stock is added on top and finally marinated chicken pieces are carefully placed. As per other people’s suggestions (on the website), I used boiling hot stock to start cooking the rice, and covered the baking dish during the cooking process. And the verdict? Two thumbs up! An easy weekday meal, and I often don’t make one-pot dishes so it was a surprise that it worked so well.

#13 - Lemon tart

Tart: Recipe from The Women’s Weekly Best Food Collection

How can we not finish with a sweet? The tart is delicious, even if the filling sunk into the base a little, making it soggy. It also cracked a bit on top, so I probably needed to cool it slowly in an oven (as per hubby’s tip; his family make many cheesecakes). Plenty of flavour galore, with the pastry sweet and buttery. A time-consuming dish, with having to make pastry, cool it, blind-bake it and then making the filling. I didn’t have enough lemons on hand so I added in a little juice and zest from a lime too. Leftover citrus zest was used in the cream I whipped, for an added tasty punch.

So there you have it, the food blogs. 😀



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1 12 2010

Love the food you’ve been making, very creative, and different too. Will have to try that Baked Moroccan chicken and rice dish. xo

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