December Goal Round-Up

3 01 2011
Now that 2011 has officially begun (and I’m on holiday from work for the month of January!), time to sit down and reassess the goals I have been working on recently – both consciously and those that came about on their own.

033. Complete a ‘Learning Journal’ entry every week for a school year [more info]
This was a big goal of mine and I am proud to say that I pulled it off! I compiled a multiple-page journal entry for the families at the Kindergarten I work with every week for the school year. In the past I’ve journalled less frequently, or made the project last six months instead of twelve. But no, this year I went the whole hog and achieved something great.

Completed Learning Journal (click for bigger image)


048. Read 50 books (10/50) [more info]
I finished reading Feed (by Mira Grant, a pen name for Seanan McGuire) just before Christmas and…. it completely took my breath away. Is hands down one of my top 3 books of 2010, combining a combination of science-fiction, zombies, politics and blogging. Yes, that’s one heck of a combination but it’s also one heck of a story. In a post-apocalyptic world where humans live to stay atop of an infection that re-animates people after death (as a result of an unfortunate co-incidence of combining cures for cancer and the common cold), Georgia Mason and her brother Shaun report the news while being part of the media campaign for the next US Presidential election.

I’m not normally into US politics, but the lure of zombies (and the clever front cover image) completely sucked me in, and I’m glad I found it at the local library. On a side note, keep tissues handy… you’re going to need them!

059. Make five homemade birthday cards (2/5) [more info]
After seeing Matt’s card sitting on the kitchen dresser in November, my best friend made me promise to make her a card for her 30th birthday on December 31st (yes, she’s a NYE baby!). And as promised, it was cheesy, tacky, pink and contained Barbies. No picture of the completed card itself, but here’s the image I put on the front cover (Barbie picture lovingly borrowed from Flickr).

Birthday card #2

072. Plant a fruit tree
[more info]
This was one of those goals that came about inadvertantly – a family whose child I taught during 2010 gave me a peach tree seedling for Christmas. I have now learnt that peach trees require full sun and a cold Winter, hopefully two things that my balcony can provide during the year… wish me luck in cultivation! (even though I probably won’t see fruit until well after the end of my Mission 101 project)

075. Turn the second bedroom into a functioning office/spare room [more info]
Another labour of love, the second bedroom became fully fully functional during the month of December with the arrival of houseguests. Despite a few boxes of unpacked moving materials still under the bed (which relates to another goal on my list), the room is good to go. However, this room will undergo another incarnation in the coming months, with it being converted from a spare room into a nursery (our baby is due in April). Time to adjust a goal in preparation, methinks!

Pictures of the room in progress:

The second bedroom - first two pictures taken in Dec 2009, third in Jan 2009, fourth in June 2010, and last two in Dec 2010.

079. Embrace a type of fashion that I’ve previously shied away from
[more info]
Without a doubt, this would be dressing for pregnancy (including all fashionable tunic tops with empire lines that make the average person look pregnant as it is!). Here are some examples of my pregnancy fashion – not pictured: maternity jeans from Pumpkin Patch, bought secondhand from Ebay. Officially the comfiest jeans ever!

I am currently 25 weeks pregnant (see lower right picture for current size)

089. Help three friends with a goal from their Mission 101 lists (1/3)
[more info]
Mentioned earlier in this entry, my best friend Marisa turned 30 on December 31st, and she has had the dream of throwing a party in a beach house for years. Back in June, I got a few friends together to help plan a surprise party (which didn’t end up being a surprise in the end!) so that Marisa could accomplish her goal of celebrating in style! I’m happy to say that all the planning and preparation came to fruition this week, and she was surrounded by friends on her big day. 🙂

The beach house party 🙂


097. Celebrate Christmas in a different way [more info]
For the first time in three years, my husband and I celebrated Christmas with his family in Hobart, Tasmania. We dined on seafood instead of roast meats, and played Trivial Persuit with his siblings and partners over a leisurely lunch on the decking, on a table that looked straight out of a home decor magazine! Fun indeed. 🙂

Christmas on the deck

I can only begin to imagine the changes that next year’s Christmas (in Melbourne) will bring with a eight month-old baby in our lives! In fact, 2011 is going to be so exciting. 😀



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