Moving Box Progress

17 01 2011

077. Unpack all moving boxes [more info]

Progress on the last of the moving boxes is plodding along slowly. Some items have been put away into cupboards, others put on eBay or Freecycle, and some items have simply been thrown out. There was a lot of clutter contained within the boxes, and it feels good to be finally near the end.

One box shown in the top picture (below) has been relocated back into the second bedroom – it contains cabling and other sorts of things that my husband said we needed (unfortunately it’s one of the bigger boxes and I’m not too sure where he’ll put that once the baby room furniture is in the room! There’s also a box containing some of my craft supplies, which I think I’ll put in a plastic tub and store in my wardrobe somewhere.

Just wanted to update with progress, next time you hear about this goal it should be done! šŸ™‚



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