A Month of Musings

8 09 2011

092. Share a month’s worth of reflections on life’s little things [more info]

Time to tackle a new goal for September, and that is about reflecting on life.

This was one of those goals that when I originally wrote my Mission 101 list, thought I’d leave for a ‘rainy day’ (ie, when I needed a pick-me-up). As it turned out, when I truly needed something like this, my son had just turned eight weeks old and finding time for ANYTHING other than feeding or convincing him to nap – or getting myself to nap! – was immediately in the too-hard basket.

So now it begins. I signed up to a website called OhLife! which sends you a daily email where you answer a question (in as little/much detail as you want) and your email response forms the blog entry. Kind of cool, makes it VERY easy to reflect. I’m getting my email to be sent at 9pm daily, when my son is usually in bed and I have a little time to myself on the laptop. See what happens, hey? 🙂



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