2012: The Countdown to Project’s End

6 01 2012

So we’ve entered 2012 and, with it, the final nine months of my Mission 101 project. Honestly, I had hoped to have been further through my goals than what I am (originally I aimed to be 75% complete by September 2012, I think I’ll have to readjust this to 50% or 60% to be realistic). Falling pregnant and having a baby definitely made 2011 pass in a blur – I was able to get more done on some goals in this time than I anticipated (ie, reading books and scrapbooking) and less on some others (travelling, cooking and photography-related goals).

It’s time to start really knuckling down on this list and figure out what I want to do in the next nine months: what is important to me and what I can let slide.

I’ve really enjoyed reading back on my goals in the past two years and seeing how I’ve grown as a person; what was important to me before and what is important now. When I originally wrote The List, I was struggling with a few things in life and this provided me with a focus. And, being separate from my other blogs, has been more of a personal project than one catering to a wide audience. To anyone reading this, I hope that I can provide inspiration in tackling your own lists. šŸ™‚



One response

6 01 2012

This is definitely an inspiration for my own list, although not a 101/1001 it’s still the same concept =) Hope you manage to complete a good amount in these last 9 months!

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