Photography: Those Goals Left Unrecorded

17 01 2012

During the past year (especially while in the throes of pregnancy/life with a newborn), some goals got completed and never recorded, so I wanted to take the time to document them appropriately so they can be crossed off the list:

002. Upgrade one of my kit lenses [more info]
I sold my 50-200mm (Nikon) kit lens that came with my old DSLR on Ebay earlier in 2011 because I wanted a wide-angle full-frame lens (FX) to use on my D700, the dream camera I purchased in September 2010. I knew I couldn’t afford a brand new lens (the newer version of these lenses sell for ~$1700AU!), so stalked Ebay in search of something suitable. I ended up buying a Nikon 24-85mm f2.8/4D. I’d read mixed reviews about it at the time – it’d been superceded twice since it was released in the early 2000s (blah blah blah…), but you know what? I’m quite happy with it. With a 50mm lens being my only one that fit my camera suitably at that point, the 24-85mm lens has made it possible to take shots from any corner of our apartment… now it’s just a matter of convincing a certain mobile baby not to come crawling up to the camera so I can take more of said shots! 😉

003. Take myself on 5 photo-walks (2/5) [more info]
I had full intentions of doing more of these, and hopefully I can during 2012. The first series of shots were taken in the streets surrounding my home on the last day of Autumn in 2011 (I had a baby in the carrier on my front, so it made squatting down etc a little trickier!)

The last day of Autumn 2011 (31/05/2011)

These pictures were taken at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival, in September 2011:

Teselaar Tulip Festival 2011

008. Learn about Photoshop actions
When I started learning about Photoshop actions (turning multi-step processes in photo-editing into a single, time-saving step at the click of a button – think black and white conversions, lightening and brightening etc) it was a bit overwhelming, but after downloading a few freebies I understood the idea behind them – with the ultimate goal of making a set of my own for frequently-used processing in my own pictures. I made a couple of very basic ones, but found that I kept going back to my favourites – the Black & White and Vintage action sets from the Florabella Collection.

Here is an example of a picture I’ve taken and used an action on:

using black & white 'basic' by florabella

Using Florabella's 'Basic Black & White' action, a favourite picture of my son and husband.



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