The Perfect Cereal Bowl

17 01 2012

070. Find the perfect cereal bowl [more info]

Success! This was a goal I was close to revising (note: removing) from my list a little while back because I thought it silly and with the number of bowls we already have, do we really need another one?! And then I found this at my local supermarket yesterday:

cereal bowl

I broke one of my two (identical) cereal bowls a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed because it was one I used to use a lot when I lived at home (I moved out in… 2004, I think?) and reminded me of those times. This one is made from melamine, meaning that if dropped it will bounce, not shatter! And given we have a baby who will be graduating to using his own bowls/utensils in the next year or so, melamine is never a bad choice.

Besides, the polka dots are so cheery. And that never goes astray either. 😉

Goal complete – 40/101!



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