New Recipe: Chicken Fricassee

20 02 2012

Another day, another new recipe tried (is this turning into a food blog lately or what?!). I have 19 – now 18 – left to do before the project’s end in September, I worked out this means roughly one recipe per week between now and then to get this goal done… so upward and onward!

I was flicking through one of my cookbooks today for savoury meal ideas since I seem to do a lot more new baking than new cooking. I decided on Chicken Fricassee (chicken cooked in stock, cream, mushrooms, white wine and onion; rather French-like). The recipe called for chicken pieces and not quite knowing what that meant, I chose chicken wings (I later found out that it means the pieces of a whole chicken, breast, thigh, drumstick etc). The cut I chose meant that while the finished dish was delicious, it was also a little fatty with all the skin starting to detach, and messy too.

While it was yummy, it took close to 2hrs to make from start to finish, so probably something I wouldn’t make again in a hurry.




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1 07 2012
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[…] There weren’t too many disasters along the way, with the exception of a few failed batches of muffins, savoury dishes over-spiced or over-seasoned, and using the wrong cut when making Chicken Fricassee.  […]

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