Book: Diary of a First-Time Mum

24 03 2012

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I’ve been reading this book for the past month in both short and long stints (it takes me time to actually finish a book these days, chasing after my mobile baby who is quickly becoming a toddler), and can say I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was looking through the parenting section at the library, which is conveniently placed next to the children’s section (sheer genius on the library’s part…!) and the title caught my eye, and secondly that it’s Australian – from a Melbourne point of view, which I could relate to even more.

Diary of a First Time Mumexplores pregnancy, birth and beyond and is truly an honest read. I’ll be truthful, I was literally laughing out loud in parts because it was exactly what I had been through (breastfeeding in particular), and nodding my head as I understood what it was like to have a baby who didn’t want to sleep or would rather destroy everything in the house rather than sit quietly with the contents of their toybox (for the record, real-world objects are more interesting to most babies I have discovered).

I’m going to recommend this book to anyone who has a young child of their own, and also to women who are pregnant – or are thinking about trying for a child – as its warts-and-all approach to parenthood is refreshing (especially the ‘On Reflection’ section that finishes each chapter). Sure, it might scare a few people who will scoff “our life will never be like that”. Oh yes… it will. 😉



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11 07 2012

Just saw that my library has this, so will defs give it a read now 😉

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