Meeting a New/Old Friend

2 08 2012

088. Meet five of my online friends in person that I’ve never met before (4/5) [more info]

There’s an online friend of mine who’s been through quite a lot in life, both ups and downs. She became a mother in her teenage years and has done it tough. She is really trying to move on from some of the crap that has happened and is starting afresh, getting out of an unfortunate housing situation, and starting off with nothing. 

I invited her around today to give her a few things we no longer needed at home (an entertainment unit, wooden chopping board, mugs and cups, etc). I wish that there was more I could have done, but it will have to do.

My friend was a lovely person, and seemed exactly like her online self (some people are quite different from the person they portray themselves to be online, I have found throughout the years), and her daughter is a kind soul too and played beautifully with Rowan. 😉

Four down, one to go before September…!



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