About My Journey

This is me

I’m Rebecca, a twenty-something Australian woman with a passion for photography, preschool teaching, the colour turquoise and spending nights curled up on the couch with good TV, a cupcake and a laptop.

I hope through this blog to complete Mission 101, which is a project aiming to celebrate the small achievements in life (see an example here). As I love to be organised and always be working towards something… this is perfect for me! Making new (and connecting with old!) friends along the journey is something else I hope to achieve. 🙂

Seven months into the project, I have discovered I’m pregnant with my first child – due in April 2011.  Completing list items is about to get a little more challenging!

4 responses

3 01 2010

Thanks for stopping by my site! Good luck with your project. I’ll be sure to check in to see how you’re doing.

7 01 2010

I need your help getting my 101 more started hehe.. and to find a blog or somthing to write about it.. though im on the net less… i do have a notebook for it too.

13 01 2010

Whooo! 😀

19 01 2010

Putting the shoes on is half the battle. I’m halfway there! 🙂

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