A Year of Scrapbooking

25 09 2012

053. Scrapbook a year [more info]

I can’t believe that I had forgotten to cross this goal off my list (this also applies to a few other goals; considering my project officially ends in FIVE DAYS TIME, I should get onto it!).

When I originally made my Mission101 list, I added some scrapbooking-related goals because I knew that digital scrapbooking was something that I wanted to get into more seriously. I had dabbled in it before but didn’t have the time alongside work-related things (namely children’s portfolios). Even though we weren’t pregnant at the time, I hoped that while my project was underway I would be blessed by pregnancy and being able to scrap a pregnancy (or baby’s 1st year) album was a goal of mine. I purposely didn’t make any of my goals pregnancy/birth-related in case this didn’t happen for us – in fact, part of the reason I chose to make a Mission101 list in the first place was to focus on the little things in life rather than dwell on what was (or wasn’t) becoming a reality for my husband and I.

So, long story short (or the TL;DR version), for the past two years I have digiscrapped a LOT. My pace has slowed down a bit in the past few months since returning to paid work (after finishing maternity leave), but it is something that I really enjoy – plus I have a wonderful (well, so I think!) “1st Year” album I have created for our son Rowan, as well as an album documenting my pregnancy with him. I have also been working on a 2012 album (with all sorts of miscellaneous things in it – family life, work, musings etc). None of these projects are quite finished – although I have under 10 pages left to complete in Rowan’s album and 5 to go in the pregnancy album. I would have liked to have shown pictures of completed projects as evidence of completing this goal, but digital images will have to suffice.

Did you know that in the past twelve months I have completed over 100 layouts? I’m impressed too! (if I counted properly – rather than guestimating – that number would probably be closer to 150, I think).

Here are a few of my favourite layouts from the past year:















Photobooks & Card Projects

17 12 2011

057. Order a completed project book online [more info]
058. Make homemade Christmas cards [more info]  

Done and done!

I’ve been working on a photobook (printed at blurb.com) for our families as Christmas gifts this year, featuring our eight month-old son’s pictures from 2011. They came out really well, if I can say so myself, and I’m very happy with the quality of the printing etc. Here’s what they look like:

book covers

details on the inside of the photobook

The other project I’ve been working on recently has been our family Christmas card, I used a digital scrapbooking kit called Christmas Blessings (available on Scrap Orchard) and had them printed using Snapfish. There are some imprefections to some of the printed cards, which was disappointing – if I didn’t need to send them out ASAP then I would have requested reprinting. Hubby says that he doesn’t notice the funny bits all that much, so I’m being a bit of a perfectionist. Either way, they’re pretty cute anyway!

Here’s the image I created for the front of the card:

Reflections on Life

5 10 2011

092. Share a month’s worth of reflections on life’s little things [more info]

For the month of September, I started writing down a little bit about every day and then realised about halfway through how boring it was to re-read, even to me! So instead I decided to use many of the everyday photos I snap on my phone and turned this into a scrapbooking layout at the end of the month. This is what I came up with:

Kit: Life in Motion + Wordarts [collab; Scrap Orchard Designers]
Template: Cut up Templates [Scrapping with Liz]
Font: Century Gothic
Some photo actions from Instagram (iphone app)

I was quite happy with how this turned out and it made me think more about how I wanted to document my year in photos. Another goal to tick off the list!


21 08 2011

006. Complete three ‘Day in the Life’ challenges (3/3) [more info]

Done *thumbs up*

Seven Months of Scrapbooking

5 08 2011

052. Scrapbook six months [more info]

77 scrapbooking layouts

As it turns out, I’ve been busier than I thought this year when it comes to digital scrapbooking… and I’ve been having a ball. It all started last year when planning my P365, and this year it’s become my favourite hobby (running a close second to photography!).

I think I can consider this goal done… now onto 12 months. 😉


Project 365 Week #2

18 01 2011

052. Scrapbook six months [more info]
053. Scrapbook a year [more info]

Layout for week #2 (click image for bigger)

Project 365 Week #2

Project 365

17 01 2011

052. Scrapbook six months [more info]
053. Scrapbook a year [more info]

During 2006-2009 I completed the Project 365 challenges (documenting life with one photo per day over a year and posting here), taking a break in 2010 to work on other things. But I’m back into it again this year, choosing to digitally scrapbook my pictures instead of posting them individually.

Here are the layouts for Week #1 (January 01-07)

Project 365 Week #1

(View bigger image here)

Card #3

14 01 2011

059. Make five homemade birthday cards (3/5) [more info]

Just a simple homemade card for my (not so little) brother’s birthday.

Us celebrating

The Beginnings of a Scrapping Project

29 11 2010

055. Buy a digital scrapbooking kit instead of downloading a ‘freebie’ [more info]

I have a fairly big digital scrapbooking collection, with all of it being free kits and resources I have found online during the past year or so. I decided to treat myself this month to a paid kit (which was 40% off at the time), in preparation for an upcoming project – pregnancy scrapbook – I’m planning on starting after I finish teaching for the year.

Here’s what I got (all items from pickleberrypop.com)

I’ll post with a few of my layouts once I start on them (the borders and frames will be particularly useful for my project!)

Birthday Card

11 11 2010

059. Make five homemade birthday cards (1/5) [more info]

A card I made for my husband’s 29th birthday in Photoshop (using this image as a starting point), based on an in-joke that we share.

Printed on photo-paper and glued onto a silver card (I should have trimmed the photo down first for the size of the card, but oh well :P)