Something Decorative in the Bedroom

2 08 2012

074. Add something decorative to my bedroom wall [more info]

When I set this goal, I was thinking more along the lines of a painted feature wall or decals, but we ended up with simple shelving instead – mainly coming about as a result of trying to get things out of reach of a certain toddler! 😉

There are two shelves set above our bed, and a picture railing in the bedroom ‘nook’ (where our computer currently is), which houses some of my trinkets. Even though I am posting this today, it all happened a couple of months ago but I forgot to record it in here as a completed goal until now.

Here is the picture railing:

Image(little hands like to get into my Vaseline and jewellery when they get the chance…!)

Here are the shelves above our bed:

These shelves are still kind of a work-in-progress. One shelf contains Rowan’s bedtime books (since we read to him in our room before he goes to bed). The stone giraffe bookends were an excellent find at an antique store in a rural town a little while back. The other shelf has a few trinkets on it and may change at some point (photo frames etc).

The Perfect Cereal Bowl

17 01 2012

070. Find the perfect cereal bowl [more info]

Success! This was a goal I was close to revising (note: removing) from my list a little while back because I thought it silly and with the number of bowls we already have, do we really need another one?! And then I found this at my local supermarket yesterday:

cereal bowl

I broke one of my two (identical) cereal bowls a couple of weeks ago and was disappointed because it was one I used to use a lot when I lived at home (I moved out in… 2004, I think?) and reminded me of those times. This one is made from melamine, meaning that if dropped it will bounce, not shatter! And given we have a baby who will be graduating to using his own bowls/utensils in the next year or so, melamine is never a bad choice.

Besides, the polka dots are so cheery. And that never goes astray either. 😉

Goal complete – 40/101!

Cupboards (a work in progress)

14 01 2012

067. Clean out the pantry every six months twice and post the strangest thing found (1/2) [more info]

Last week I posted that I’m determined to get my kitchen pantry (cupboard) under control. While I was pregnant, I got into the habit of putting things back lazily because I couldn’t bend/lean over well enough. Fast forward nine months on and everything was a mess. Until now.

It’s kind of a work in progress… the top shelf is done and I started on the bottom shelf. My Mum was recently talking about a similar project she’s working on and how she was inspired by a friend with an organised container approach. I’m thinking of doing the same potentially, I’ll see how things look once I’m done (I could save space in little ways such as a longer, thinner rectangular container for cereal instead of the round plastic tub I’ve been using for years – when it comes to space-saving, round is NOT the way to go; our last house had a big, practically walk-in pantry).

Anyway, pictures: first the before shots and then progress as of today…





Cupboards: Keeping Myself Accountable

10 01 2012

067. Clean out the pantry every six months and post the strangest thing found (0/2) [more info]

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while (okay… since I had a baby nine months ago!) is clean out the kitchen pantry. It’s gotten to the point where I just chuck stuff in wherever it’ll fit due to poor use of space, and it’s about time that it stopped.

When I first started Mission 101 I set myself the goal of cleaning out this space every 6 months, but that never happened…not even once. So let’s see whether I can do this twice in the space of the next nine months until my project’s end, and I’ll consider thus goal done.

Here are a couple of before pictures (be kind!!)




Moving Box Progress

17 01 2011

077. Unpack all moving boxes [more info]

Progress on the last of the moving boxes is plodding along slowly. Some items have been put away into cupboards, others put on eBay or Freecycle, and some items have simply been thrown out. There was a lot of clutter contained within the boxes, and it feels good to be finally near the end.

One box shown in the top picture (below) has been relocated back into the second bedroom – it contains cabling and other sorts of things that my husband said we needed (unfortunately it’s one of the bigger boxes and I’m not too sure where he’ll put that once the baby room furniture is in the room! There’s also a box containing some of my craft supplies, which I think I’ll put in a plastic tub and store in my wardrobe somewhere.

Just wanted to update with progress, next time you hear about this goal it should be done! 🙂

The Last of the Boxes

5 01 2011

077. Unpack all moving boxes [more info]


Those pesky possessions that I haven't yet parted with...

These are the last of the boxes leftover from our move in December 2009. They’ve been conveniently shoved under the spare room bed for many months now, and occasionally delved into when something was needed.

But on the whole, not much of their contents are being used to the first great clean-up of 2011 begins!

I’ve also put the boxes in my loungeroom so that I’m forced to sort through them to get the room looking tidy again (kind of like compulsary motivation!). Wish me luck, as we need the space to dissamble the spare room’s bed and create our baby’s nursery.

Hurrah for IKEA!

18 10 2010

098. Assemble something completely on my own [more info]

Sure, I may love french toast (see previous post) but I also have a not-so-small crush on IKEA furniture and furnishings. Hubby and I are in the process of updating some of our cheaper furniture (which after six years of being knocked about is not looking the best) and we decided on a coffee table and entertainment unit.

Part of the unit arrived yesterday, with the rest being home-delivered in lovely little flat-packed boxes today. Last night hubby reminded me that one of my goals was to assemble something on my own, so I nervously attempted one of the three shelving units that makes up the entertainment unit (sans door; it hadn’t arrived yet).

Short of needing a little extra wrist strength with putting screws in, I surprised myself with putting it together in about 30 minutes! The angles are square, unit is sturdy and it’s going to look great with the other two pieces and the glass doors on. Hurrah for IKEA! 😀

Planting Complete

18 09 2010

065. Plant a herb garden [more info]

The new plants are officially in (as of a couple of days ago, but hadn’t gotten around to blogging until now), which means I can cross this goal off my list. Looking forward to cultivating the plants, adding more and eating yummy homegrown produce in the coming months. 🙂



The Start of a Garden

14 09 2010

065. Plant a herb garden [more info]

I’ve been working on some of my September goals this month, also now that the weather’s warming up it’s time for the vegetable/herb garden I’ve wanted!

Since I live in an apartment and have only a balcony to use, I’ve had to think creatively with my use of space. Pots are my friend and, as there is lots of construction going on in my street, there are ample free resources (which have been discarded) that are ripe for the picking. Think wooden pallets, bricks, clumps of wood etc. Perhaps for drainage, creating trellises and more.

After lugging my new (and reclaimed) garden upstairs, it was time for the arrangement to begin. So far I have:

– 2 kinds of tomato seedlings (mini roma and truss)
– beetroot seedlings
– parsley
– Vietnamese mint

I’ve also bought some seed packets (lettuce, sugarsnap peas, red capsicum [peppers]), which will be a work in progress. I’m surprised at how much space I actually have on this balcony, and look forward to researching more produce for planting. 🙂

The beginning stages of my garden, ready for planting in the morning. 🙂