Clothing for Charity #4

28 09 2011

Bundle of clothing cleaned out of my wardrobe in recent weeks, dropped off to the local Savers (op shop) today, mainly old Winter knits and too-small pre-pregnancy outfits.


Clothing for Charity #3

13 09 2011

083. Give away items to charity five times (3/5) [more info]

Charity bags…baby not included!

I cleaned one side of my wardrobe on the weekend (mainly Winter clothing) and donated them today to a local Savers. Having said that, while I was there dropping off the clothing I saw some near-new looking pairs of shorts for my son in the next size up from what he’s wearing now, so I might pop in there sometimes during the week and pick them up (I accidentally left home without my wallet today…whoops!)


11 01 2011

084. Freecycle 20 items (20/20) [more info]


This is one of the first “big” goals to get done (ie, something that’s taken time to accumulate), to give various items away to new homes. In fact, I’ve passed well over 25 items now, but for the sake of it I’ll just post the final ones. 😉

Wrought-iron candelabra (I was sad about seeing this one go, as it was a fixture of my teenage room for many years!)
Avon toiletry travel bags


Bathroom scales (I got a digtal set for Christmas!)
Notecard and envelope set
Miscellaneous toiletries
Black metal office ‘in-tray’
Digital photo keyring
….and more!
It feels good to have this goal complete (although it won’t stop me from Freecycling more in the future)

December Goal Round-Up

3 01 2011
Now that 2011 has officially begun (and I’m on holiday from work for the month of January!), time to sit down and reassess the goals I have been working on recently – both consciously and those that came about on their own.

033. Complete a ‘Learning Journal’ entry every week for a school year [more info]
This was a big goal of mine and I am proud to say that I pulled it off! I compiled a multiple-page journal entry for the families at the Kindergarten I work with every week for the school year. In the past I’ve journalled less frequently, or made the project last six months instead of twelve. But no, this year I went the whole hog and achieved something great.

Completed Learning Journal (click for bigger image)

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Meeting Up with Friends

21 10 2010

088. Meet five of my online friends in person that I’ve never met before (1/5) [more info]

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting an online friend (Mel) from interstate, who is part of the same blogging community I contribute to. However, I didn’t get my hands on any pictures from the last visit, so when she was down in Melbourne again this week I made sure to get one (thank goodness for Facebook!).

Woohoo for online meets (gives me a deep nostalgia for the past!)

Candice, Mel and me

Freecycling Again

5 10 2010

083. Give away items to charity five times (2/5) [more info]
084. Freecycle 20 items (16/20) [more info]

The great Freecycling (giving away items for free through a website so they don’t get thrown out/end up in landfill) spree of 2010 continues. I don’t give away absolute junk, but items with a purpose. Here’s my list so far since I started Mission 101: 

1. Metallic Christmas decorations x 7
2. Digital photo frame keyring
3. Candles and candleholder set
4. Soft rabbit toy
5. Handbags (purses) x 4
6. Small blue glass angel figurine
7. Acrylic nuggets/beads (from table scatters at our wedding)
8. Soapdish and soap giftpack
9. Bathroom samples (small tubes & bottles of shampoo, lotion etc)
10. Leftover pregnancy tests that will expire this year
11. Purple bath products (salt crystals, lotions etc)
12. Nail polish remover
13. Ladies razor (new in pack)
14. Botanical of Australia giftpack
15. Green suitcase on wheels
16. Moving boxes x 12 

I think there might possibly be more, but these I have picture evidence of. 

An example of one of the items I've given away (a 'bathroom samples' pack)


(also see this post for more details)

As I am also realising that with pregnancy comes changes in body shape, it was time to clean out clothing that was too small/too tight/too ‘teenage’. What would I never wear again? It was difficult but with the help of my Mum I filled a recyclable bag of clothing to go off to the charity shop (she also took three more bags away of clothing to store until next year when I’m no longer pregnant – now I have plenty of room in my wardrobe).

Gift for a Special Person

18 09 2010

086. Send someone a care package [more info]

During the week, a dear online friend told us the sad news that her sister’s home had burnt to the ground as the result of an electrical fire, taking all of their earthly possessions with it. Adding further sadness is that she and her husband have a four year-old daughter who would be understandably confused and scared right now.

Immediately I was drawn to what had happened and put together a package for the couple’s daughter – she is very much a girly girl who loves to read. I gave her a few books from my Kindergarten resource collection, as well as some colouring books, textas (markers) and jewellery box that was mine and filled it with suitably pink and sparkly accessories, before mailing it off to my friend for her to pass on.

Since it’s important to restore normality and routine to a child’s life as quickly as possible (and with clothing, food etc being covered by others), and it is now the school holidays – so whatever Kindergarten program she was attending will be closed for two weeks – I wanted to give her some things to do. I just wish I could have done more!

For a special little girl.