A Year of Scrapbooking

25 09 2012

053. Scrapbook a year [more info]

I can’t believe that I had forgotten to cross this goal off my list (this also applies to a few other goals; considering my project officially ends in FIVE DAYS TIME, I should get onto it!).

When I originally made my Mission101 list, I added some scrapbooking-related goals because I knew that digital scrapbooking was something that I wanted to get into more seriously. I had dabbled in it before but didn’t have the time alongside work-related things (namely children’s portfolios). Even though we weren’t pregnant at the time, I hoped that while my project was underway I would be blessed by pregnancy and being able to scrap a pregnancy (or baby’s 1st year) album was a goal of mine. I purposely didn’t make any of my goals pregnancy/birth-related in case this didn’t happen for us – in fact, part of the reason I chose to make a Mission101 list in the first place was to focus on the little things in life rather than dwell on what was (or wasn’t) becoming a reality for my husband and I.

So, long story short (or the TL;DR version), for the past two years I have digiscrapped a LOT. My pace has slowed down a bit in the past few months since returning to paid work (after finishing maternity leave), but it is something that I really enjoy – plus I have a wonderful (well, so I think!) “1st Year” album I have created for our son Rowan, as well as an album documenting my pregnancy with him. I have also been working on a 2012 album (with all sorts of miscellaneous things in it – family life, work, musings etc). None of these projects are quite finished – although I have under 10 pages left to complete in Rowan’s album and 5 to go in the pregnancy album. I would have liked to have shown pictures of completed projects as evidence of completing this goal, but digital images will have to suffice.

Did you know that in the past twelve months I have completed over 100 layouts? I’m impressed too! (if I counted properly – rather than guestimating – that number would probably be closer to 150, I think).

Here are a few of my favourite layouts from the past year:















New Zealand Photobook

1 09 2012

056. Make a photobook out of our New Zealand pictures [more info]

Matt and I went to New Zealand in late 2008 (just after Christmas, celebrating the New Year in Christchurch), as a belated honeymoon following our wedding two months earlier. The photos sat on my computer since… I looked at them occasionally, knew that they were some of my better pictures at the time but didn’t print any out. I’m not sure why, I think it had to do with it seeming like such a big job because most needed retouching work due to a dirty lens that I didn’t discover about until I got back home to Australia again.

So when I created my goal list in early 2010, getting these photos printed into a book was a priority for me (as was getting our wedding photos printed too, but except for the album we bought as part of the package via our wedding photographer there hasn’t been many). I finally got around to finishing this project off the other night, prompted by a coupon I bought for an online store expiring – I had plans to print out my pregnancy scrapbook with the coupon but was five pages short, so no point wasting it!

I combined writings that I kept as part of a notebook I put together during the trip, as well as maps of our travels and plenty of pretty pictures. While I should get my book in the mail within the next 2-3 weeks, I haven’t seen the photobook in hard-copy as yet but I really like what I saw on the screen in the previews. Here’s hoping that the finished product impresses me as much as the preview did!


Something Decorative in the Kitchen

2 08 2012

068. Get overhead cupboards installed in my kitchen [more info


Okay, so these aren’t exactly cupboards, just to state the obvious. After looking at our finances and thinking about what we wanted to add to our kitchen on a smaller scale, we instead decided with simple shelving (thank you IKEA!). Matt put up the three shelves above the sink and the stainless steel rack (with hooks) next to the rangehood. We thought it was odd when we moved into this apartment that there was a random rangehood and no overhead cupboards (but then again, our carpet is nicer than the other apartments in the building, so go figure?). This is what it looked like originally:


So it isn’t a huge change, but definitely a functional one for us. We’re thinking of selling up next year, so didn’t want to invest too much money into the kitchen as the new owners might decide on changing it up themselves (presumably with cupboards). What I’m liking about the new shelves is being able to have some of my baking implements (spoons, measuring cups, whisk etc) at my fingertips instead of in a drawer. Also, above the rack is a great place to put baked goods, bread, tea and the like. I hadn’t considered putting FOOD there until Matt suggested it, now it’s really handy to have things on hand instead of in the locked cupboards below – another childproofing mechanism!

Something Decorative in the Bedroom

2 08 2012

074. Add something decorative to my bedroom wall [more info]

When I set this goal, I was thinking more along the lines of a painted feature wall or decals, but we ended up with simple shelving instead – mainly coming about as a result of trying to get things out of reach of a certain toddler! 😉

There are two shelves set above our bed, and a picture railing in the bedroom ‘nook’ (where our computer currently is), which houses some of my trinkets. Even though I am posting this today, it all happened a couple of months ago but I forgot to record it in here as a completed goal until now.

Here is the picture railing:

Image(little hands like to get into my Vaseline and jewellery when they get the chance…!)

Here are the shelves above our bed:

These shelves are still kind of a work-in-progress. One shelf contains Rowan’s bedtime books (since we read to him in our room before he goes to bed). The stone giraffe bookends were an excellent find at an antique store in a rural town a little while back. The other shelf has a few trinkets on it and may change at some point (photo frames etc).

Meeting a New/Old Friend

2 08 2012

088. Meet five of my online friends in person that I’ve never met before (4/5) [more info]

There’s an online friend of mine who’s been through quite a lot in life, both ups and downs. She became a mother in her teenage years and has done it tough. She is really trying to move on from some of the crap that has happened and is starting afresh, getting out of an unfortunate housing situation, and starting off with nothing. 

I invited her around today to give her a few things we no longer needed at home (an entertainment unit, wooden chopping board, mugs and cups, etc). I wish that there was more I could have done, but it will have to do.

My friend was a lovely person, and seemed exactly like her online self (some people are quite different from the person they portray themselves to be online, I have found throughout the years), and her daughter is a kind soul too and played beautifully with Rowan. 😉

Four down, one to go before September…!


1 07 2012

017. Try out 50 new recipes (50/50) [more info]

I’ve been a busy cook/baker these past few months, despite it being a busy time. I’m now parenting a very impulsive(!) toddler and have returned to work after being on maternity leave for the past 15 months. Instead of individual posts for each recipe, I’ve compiled a quick collage with the new eats I’ve tried making since March:


Row 1: Vietnamese Fried Beef Noodles / Chinese Soy Beef Stir Fry / Yakiudon / Chocolate Chip & Cream Cheese Muffins

Row 2: Corned Beef with White Sauce / Spinach, Pumpkin & Sundried Tomato Frittata / Chocolate Hot Cross Buns / Flatbread

Row 3: Beetroot & Fetta Risotto / Potato and Leek Soup / Pumpkin Laksa / Lamb, Spinach & Fetta Canneloni

Row 4: Peach slice / Oreo Biscuits / Rhubarb Pudding / Vegetable Soup with Swede, Potato & Fennel

Row 5: Orange Cake with buttercream icing / Moroccan Pumpkin & Almond Beef Tagine / Honey Soy Chicken Rissoles / Beetroot dip

NOT SHOWN: Carrot, Ginger & Coriander Soup / Peppermint Cheesecake

And now for the best part… collating these pictures makes me realise that I got to 50 recipes as part of my goal!! This is a HUGE accomplishment, especially considering everything that has happened in our family’s life since January 2010. I’m very proud of myself, and as a result we have tried new foods, used meat in different ways and as a result of our son refusing to eat meat protein for three months I learnt to cook a wider variety of vegetarian dishes.

There weren’t too many disasters along the way, with the exception of a few failed batches of muffins, savoury dishes over-spiced or over-seasoned, and using the wrong cut when making Chicken Fricassee.

All up it has been a foodie adventure and I’m inspired to continue to try new recipes to find new “favourites”. 🙂

P.S. – To see all my posts related to this goal, click the goal.017 tag below this post.

The Story of Bananas

2 05 2012

010. Eat a banana [more info]


Okay, so when I set myself the challenge of eating a banana back in 2010 it didn’t seem like too much of a big deal. I’ve never enjoyed the taste nor texture of a fresh banana, yet will eat them cooked or baked within other foods (I’ve even been known to down a banana fritter on a drunken night out!). So no big deal, right?


This was one of the more difficult challenges and one over eighteen months in the making. As much as I tried to eat a mouthful here and there (even while pregnant), they just weren’t palatable despite knowing how good they were for my body. I wanted to model healthy eating to my son Rowan, and showing him how to eat banana was no exception. So I faked it for a while, here and there, making sounds of enjoyment even though they were anything but. And then came May 2012. I was struck down with food poisoning and was quite ill for a few days and, when my body was ready to start eating solid food again, the only food that didn’t make me feel nauseous at the thought of consuming it was a banana!

So what did I do? The only thing I could do… I listened to my body and ate that banana. Every. last. bite (see above). And do you know what? It was tasty.

Since that day, I’ve probably eaten at least two bananas per week. It was odd in the way that it all came about, but I can consider this goal done. 😉