My Goals

Here are the 101 goals that I have chosen to complete during the next 1001 days. Split into categories, I’ve tried to incorporate as many areas of my life as possible. This is my ‘master list’, the one which will be updated during the project.

Each completed (or in-progress) goal has its own accompanying blog entry, and you can click [more info] beside each goal to read why I chose it and how I will consider it complete.

Struckthrough goals are completed goals.

Green-coloured goals are in progress.

Not-yet started goals look like this.


001. Upgrade my camera body [more info] Done: 25/08/2010
002. Upgrade one of my kit lenses
[more info]
003. Take myself on 5 photo-walks (2/5) [more info]
004. Frame and display one or more of my photographs at home [more info]
005. Complete the ‘50 in 50mm’ challenge [more info] Done: 02/09/2010
006. Complete three ‘Day in the Life’ challenges (3/3) [more info] Done: 19/08/2011
007. Enter a photography competition [more info]
008. Learn about Photoshop actions [more info] Done: 17/01/2012

009. Hold a tea party [more info]
010. Eat a banana [more info] Done: 14/05/2012
011. Attend a Farmer’s Market [more info] Done: 02/05/2010
012. Cook with five unfamiliar fruits/vegetables (2/5) [more info]
013. Bake a loaf of bread from scratch [more info] Done: 25/04/2010
014. Learn to make homemade ice cream [more info] Done: 14/02/2011
015. Take a cake decorating class [more info]
016. Try three new cheeses (0/3) [more info]
017. Try out 50 new recipes (50/50) [more info] Done: 01/07/2012
018. Eat French toast in five different cafes (1/5) [more info]

019. Use the Wii Fit daily for a month [more info]
020. Take a class for two styles of dance I’ve never tried (0/2) [more info]
021. Get an hour’s extra sleep per night for a month [more info] Done: 02/09/2010
022. Drink 1.5L of water daily for three months (3/3)
[more info] Done: 30/11/2010
023. Use a Mooncup for three complete menstrual cycles (2/3) [more info] Done: 28/03/2010
024. Regularly visit a naturopath over a twelve-month period [more info] Done: 07/05/2011
025. Get a professional massage [more infoDone: 21/06/2012
026. Give blood [more info]

027. Attend professional development for an unfamiliar topic [more info]
028. Attend a teaching conference outside of the compulsory ones [more info] Done: 17/04/2010
029. Get my paperwork ready to start emergency teaching again
[more info] Done: 01/07/2010
030. Better my time management skills at work [more info]
031. Re-register for the Validation process [more info]
032. Complete and apply for Validation [more info]
033. Complete a ‘Learning Journal’ entry every week for a school year [more info] Done: 14/12/2010
034. Don’t go into work on a weekend for two months  [more info] Done: 13/04/2010


035. Ride in a hot air balloon [more info]
036. See snow [more info]
037. Relax on a beach [more info] Done: 30/01/10
038. Visit a day spa
[more infoDone: 21/06/2012
039. Attend an anime convention [more info]
040. Attend a different kind of convention [more info]
041. Watch a sunset from the highest naturally-formed point in Melbourne [more info] Done: 19/04/2010
042. Visit five markets I’ve never been to before [more info] Done: 01/09/2012
043. Travel to a country outside of Australia [more info]
044. Use an aeroplane toilet on the flight between Melbourne and Hobart [more info] Done: 28/12/2010
045. Celebrate my 30th birthday in style! [more info] Done: 10/03/2012

046. Complete 20 video games (5/20) [more info]
047. Get to 10 generations in The Sims 2 (3/10) [more info]
048. Read 50 books (34/50) [more info]
049. Read 10 books that aren’t from the sci-fi or fantasy genres (10/10) [more info] Done: 06/07/2012
050. Watch five complete anime series that I’m unfamiliar with (0/5) [more info]
051. Learn to play a strategy boardgame [more info] Done: 06/05/2010

052. Scrapbook six months
 [more info] Done: 05/08/2011
053. Scrapbook a year [more info] Done: 25/09/2012
054. Turn our wedding pictures into a photobook [more info]
055. Buy a digital scrapbooking kit instead of downloading a ‘freebie’ [more info] Done: 29/11/2010
056. Make a photobook out of our New Zealand pictures [more info] Done: 31/08/2012
057. Order a completed project book online [more info]
058. Make homemade Christmas cards [more info]
059. Make five homemade birthday cards (5/5) [more info] Done: 11/11/2011

060. Go on a date night once per month for a year (2/12) [more info]
061. Visit five places with my husband that are outside my interests (1/5) [more info]
062. Give a just-because-I-love-you present [more info]
063. Private goal
064. Private goal

065. Plant a herb garden
[more info] Done: 18/09/2010
066. Throw a housewarming party [more info]
067. Clean out the pantry every six months and post the strangest thing found (1/6) [more info]
068. Get overhead cupboards installed in my kitchen [more infoDone: 02/08/2012
069. Organise my out-of-season clothing [more info] Done: 01/07/2010
070. Find the perfect cereal bowl [more info] Done: 17/01/2012
071. Paint a feature wall [more info]
072. Plant a fruit tree [more info] Done: 15/12/2010
073. Host a dress-up party [more info]
074. Add something decorative to my bedroom wall [more info] Done: 02/08/2012
075. Turn the second bedroom into a functioning spare room/office [more infoDone: 07/12/2010
076. Minimise cleaning products in my home [more info]
077. Unpack all moving boxes  [more info] Done: 08/03/2011

078. Throw away all of the old make-up I’ve amassed over the years
 [more info] Done: 07/01/2011
079. Embrace a type of fashion I’ve previously shied away from [more info] Done: 03/01/2011
080. Get my eyebrows professionally waxed [more info]
081. Try a new hair colour [more info] Done: 15/12/2010
082. Find a unique set-up for displaying my jewellery [more info] Done: 11/02/2010

For Others
083. Give away items to charity five times [more info]
084. Freecycle 20 items (20/20) [more infoDone: 11/01/2011
085. Arrange an evening out for me and my work colleagues [more info] Done: 16/12/2010
086. Send someone a care package [more info] Done: 18/09/2010
087. Talk to my Dad at least once per month for a year [more info]
088. Meet five of my online friends in person that I’ve never met before (4/5) [more info]
089. Help three friends with a goal from their Mission 101 lists (1/3) [more info]

090. Adopt a friend for my Cockatiel [more info]
091. Change all accounts to my married name [more info]
092. Share a month’s worth of reflections on life’s little things [more info] Done: 06/10/2011
093. Leave a permanent mark somewhere in my housing estate [more info] Done: 04/12/2011  
094. Sell five things on Ebay (5/5) [more info] Done: 01/09/2012
095. Hold a newborn baby [more info] Done: 07/04/2011
096. Finish an entire book of crossword puzzles [more info]
097. Celebrate Christmas in a different way [more info] Done: 25/12/2010
098. Assemble something  on my own [more info]  Done: 17/10/2010
099. Complete all unfinished tax returns [more info] Done: 22/07/2010
100. Prove to myself that I *can* be an early person [more info]

The List
101. Write a Mission 101 list and publish it to my blog  Done: 18/01/10

(a) Write a blog entry on my progress at least once per month (33/33)
(b) Reassess every six months for outdated/irrelevant goals
(c) Complete at least 75% of the goals on my list by September 29th, 2012
(d) Celebrate Day 1001!

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