Cupboards (a work in progress)

14 01 2012

067. Clean out the pantry every six months twice and post the strangest thing found (1/2) [more info]

Last week I posted that I’m determined to get my kitchen pantry (cupboard) under control. While I was pregnant, I got into the habit of putting things back lazily because I couldn’t bend/lean over well enough. Fast forward nine months on and everything was a mess. Until now.

It’s kind of a work in progress… the top shelf is done and I started on the bottom shelf. My Mum was recently talking about a similar project she’s working on and how she was inspired by a friend with an organised container approach. I’m thinking of doing the same potentially, I’ll see how things look once I’m done (I could save space in little ways such as a longer, thinner rectangular container for cereal instead of the round plastic tub I’ve been using for years – when it comes to space-saving, round is NOT the way to go; our last house had a big, practically walk-in pantry).

Anyway, pictures: first the before shots and then progress as of today…





Cupboards: Keeping Myself Accountable

10 01 2012

067. Clean out the pantry every six months and post the strangest thing found (0/2) [more info]

One of the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while (okay… since I had a baby nine months ago!) is clean out the kitchen pantry. It’s gotten to the point where I just chuck stuff in wherever it’ll fit due to poor use of space, and it’s about time that it stopped.

When I first started Mission 101 I set myself the goal of cleaning out this space every 6 months, but that never happened…not even once. So let’s see whether I can do this twice in the space of the next nine months until my project’s end, and I’ll consider thus goal done.

Here are a couple of before pictures (be kind!!)