Camera Dreams

23 02 2010

001. Upgrade my camera body [more info]


This is my dream camera. Yes, it’s made from delicious-looking cake but that’s beside the point.

The Nikon D700 is droolworthy and everything I want in a camera – full-frame and something for me to grow and learn with. Sure, I could upgrade to a D300s but would I immedately regret not spending the extra $900 and going for the D700? Probably, and the features are out of this world. Seriously… mindblowing (it’s essentially a D3 in a smaller body).

I’ve been a Nikon girl since way back – my first film camera in the early ’90s was a Nikon and it’s where my love of photography (even if it was only blurry shots taken of family and sandcastles) started. There was something magical about sending a roll of film away to be processed and receiving it six weeks later in the mail…how exciting! Sure, digital technology these days makes photography practically instantaneous these days, but there’s something delicious abut the wait.

There’s also something equally delicious about cake, but that’s another story for another time.

In the interim, I dream and save my pennies.