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19 08 2010

046. Complete 20 video games (4/20) [more info]

I’ve been playing some casual games recently (amongst Sims 2 and other such things), completing The Wizard’s Pen and Plants vs Zombies (both PopCap games, as part of a gaming pack a bought a few months ago on a Steam sale).

The Wizard’s Pen wasn’t much to write home about… in fact the hunt-and-seek game was repetitious, boring and only the genuinely interesting scenes saved it (and that’s exaggerating!). I start what I finish, so I jumped through it as quickly as possible and realised I’d wasted a few hours of my life on it a couple of weeks later. Not my favourite in Pop Cap’s puzzle gaming library.

On the other hand, Plants vs Zombies is an excellent example of what casual gaming can be. A great soundtrack, well-designed characters and addictive gameplay. You move through the levels by collecting ‘suns’ to buy offense/defence garden items to stop the hoards of zombies from entering your home. Steam achievements and a variety of mini-games make for for gameplay beyond the main story too. Well worth playing, especially with the recent update featuring new achievements!

Pokemon Champion!

24 05 2010

046. Complete 20 video games (2/20) [more info]

Woohoo, I finished the main quest in Pokemon HeartGold!

But yes, it took me 64 hours to do so.

Hubby laugh and tells me it’s because I stuff around and backtrack too much when I’m gaming… it’s true, I like a side quest (or ten!)

However, through the frustration (and yes, there was much!) I’m finally done with Johto and slowly working my way through Kanto (the second region). Whether I finish that part or not I don’t know, but in the scheme of things it doesn’t matter all that much. What will I move onto next? Probably a point-and-click adventure game on the PC. 🙂

P.S. – For anyone out there who’s interested, my Pokemon lineup from L-R are: Togetic, Meganium (starter Pokemon), Ho-Oh, Jinx, Gyarados and Umbreon.

Pokemon Progress

13 05 2010

046. Complete 20 video games (1/20) [more info]

I started playing Pokemon HeartGold back in March, and have been slowly plodding through it (my husband’s playing SoulSilver, and we’re quite competitive at the moment!). Only one gym leader and Victory Road to go and the main quest will be officially complete. 😀

(There’s many, many sidequests and the National Dex to keep me happy post-mainquest, but I’ll be able to tick this game off after getting to the end of Victory Road).


Here’s a couple of recent screens to show the progress:


Yep… that’s 48 hours!


6 05 2010

051. Learn to play a strategy boardgame [more info]

My hubby took great delight in helping me to achieve this goal. He loves boardgames, and we’re not talking the regular kind – like Monopoly or Scrabble. I’ve tried to get into a couple of the ones he has (Carcassone and Race for the Galaxy) with only a little success. But when he bought home Pandemic it instantly appealed.

The idea is about working together (2-5 players) to beat The Game. Plagues are threatening to take over the world map, and you’re attempting to cure all four diseases before they take over. Using a card-draw system cities are given disease markers and if they gain more than three then the disease spreads. Random cards result in ‘epidemics’ or cities being overloaded with markers. Each player has a unique role in the game (you draw for ‘role cards’ at the start) from a Medic – quite useful! – to scientist, Operations Expert or Researcher.

It took a few weeks but finally hubbby and I beat The Game. Now to play on the next difficulty setting (more epidemics).

Our winning game board!

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1 04 2010

046. Complete 20 video games (1/20) [more info]

It’s April already!!

I started playing Pokemon HeartGold during the week and loving it so far (I’m a Pokemon geek from way back). Even though it’s a Gold/Silver remake, it incorporates elements from Diamond/Pearl and well… some newer components that you’ll have to discover for yourself. Considering that I spent over 50 hours playing Pokemon Diamond, I’d better strap myself in for the long haul.

I’ve also been playing through The Wizard’s Pen because I’m a sucker for seek and find games.

Of course, there’s always Sims 2, but I’ve been taking a little break from it lately. Takes stamina to get to 10 generations. 😉

Review – Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb

23 03 2010

046. Complete 20 video games (1/20) [more info]

I finished the main quest of a puzzle game this week, the first as part of my Mission 101 challenge!game logo

A find-and-click hidden puzzle game, Amazing Adventures: The Lost Tomb reminds me very much of the I-Spy books where the object is to find… well, objects. Introducing the interactive version and you must keep your eyes peeled to find a myriad of modern-day and old-fashioned items (ten per puzzle) amongst a very convincing background. Sure, it looks and feels like an Indiana Jones rip-off from the title screen alone… but ignore that – the textures are lifelike and it is difficult to discern what is background and what is a foreground object to find at times.

What surprised me was the length of the game – twenty ‘missions’ made up of anywhere between 6-10 levels each, and between each level is a mini-game (memory, spot the difference, jigsaw puzzle or picture-slider). Although it says I took eight hours to complete the game, because of playing it in short stints it felt a lot longer. Great for winding down before bed or for quiet gaming time, immersive yet peaceful.

The negative? It can be quite repetitious (especially the mini-games, when you’re just wanting to get to the next level), and maps can be hard on the eye.

No fanfare for completing the main quest (simply a You Have Won-style screen), but mode unlocked for finding up to 70 objects per map.

While I probably wouldn’t play through it again, it has made me interested in other similar games in the franchise (I downloaded Amazing Adventures: Around the World. Pop Cap have created some great games in the past, and you’ll probably read about a few more of them (among others) during the course of this project.

Sims2 – Generation 3 Family Tree

3 03 2010

047. Get to 10 generations in The Sims 2 (3/10) [more info]

I’m now well into growing up Generation 3 in my sci-fi themed Sims2 neighbourhood (a downloadable unpopulated island called Elsewhere from This is the main family tree, and after a few accidental babies the families are growing bigger. If the tree keeps growing expontentially this will get long and messy!

Having fun though, it’s nice to come home from work at the end of the day and control pixels for an hour or so most days. 🙂