Homemade Ice Cream

14 02 2011

014. Learn to make homemade ice cream [more info]

This was a Valentine’s Day project of sorts, as we don’t celebrate this day but wanted to acknowledge our love for each other with something homemade and yummy! Matt and I have been talking about making ice cream for a while now, and we were looking for recipes that didn’t require the use of an ice cream maker (as we don’t have one).

While I can’t recall the exact recipe we used, I remember that it involved fresh strawberries, lashings of fresh cream and milk, along with raw honey as the sweetener. It was a matter of mixing everything in together, putting it into a loaf tin and freezing (with cling wrap pressed over the top/sides of the container to stop it forming a skin). The result was like a very soft ice-cream (a semifreddo?) that could be cut into slices.

It was divine!

014. Learn to make homemade ice-cream

19 01 2010

When will I have achieved this goal? When I make homemade ice-cream with success (even if it’s not on the first attempt).

Why did I choose this goal? Because it’s tasty and decadent… I really want to challenge myself!