Card #3

14 01 2011

059. Make five homemade birthday cards (3/5) [more info]

Just a simple homemade card for my (not so little) brother’s birthday.

Us celebrating

December Goal Round-Up

3 01 2011
Now that 2011 has officially begun (and I’m on holiday from work for the month of January!), time to sit down and reassess the goals I have been working on recently – both consciously and those that came about on their own.

033. Complete a ‘Learning Journal’ entry every week for a school year [more info]
This was a big goal of mine and I am proud to say that I pulled it off! I compiled a multiple-page journal entry for the families at the Kindergarten I work with every week for the school year. In the past I’ve journalled less frequently, or made the project last six months instead of twelve. But no, this year I went the whole hog and achieved something great.

Completed Learning Journal (click for bigger image)

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Birthday Card

11 11 2010

059. Make five homemade birthday cards (1/5) [more info]

A card I made for my husband’s 29th birthday in Photoshop (using this image as a starting point), based on an in-joke that we share.

Printed on photo-paper and glued onto a silver card (I should have trimmed the photo down first for the size of the card, but oh well :P)

059. Make five homemade birthday cards

23 01 2010

When will I have achieved this goal? Create and take pictures of five completed cards for a birthday card box.

Why did I choose this goal? Homemade cards are beautiful to receive and I hope to have a small supply on-hand of homecard cards to mail to others for their birthdays.