Date #2

18 09 2011

Hubby and I went on a lunch date to a Yarra Valley winery today. Gorgeous views, yummy food and the opportunity to share some time as a couple. 🙂




Date Night

5 08 2011

060. Go on a date night once per month for a year (1/12) [more info]

Since the birth of our baby boy back in April, my husband and I haven’t given ourselves the chance to get out and about as a couple (instead of a family). Now that our son Rowan is three months old, I have felt comfortable enough leaving him for a short amount of time with a trusting family member – in this case my Mum! – to reconnect with Matt.

Enter the date night – we went to see the last Harry Potter film in Gold Class with vouchers we had leftover from Christmas, and coffee afterwards. This was going to be dinner, but we snacked so much during the film that neither of us were all that hungry!!

Hopefully this is the first of a few such date nights (or days), probably not once per month but definitely a few here and there. 🙂

The two of us

060. Go on a date night once per month over a year

23 01 2010

When will I have achieved this goal? When my husband and I have been on 12 date nights over a year and I’ve blogged about them.

Why did I choose this goal? It’s easy for my husband and I to get into the habit of staying at home, in front of a screen (TV/computer or otherwise). When we go out together we have a lot of fun, and I hope to do this more often.