Planting Complete

18 09 2010

065. Plant a herb garden [more info]

The new plants are officially in (as of a couple of days ago, but hadn’t gotten around to blogging until now), which means I can cross this goal off my list. Looking forward to cultivating the plants, adding more and eating yummy homegrown produce in the coming months. 🙂



The Start of a Garden

14 09 2010

065. Plant a herb garden [more info]

I’ve been working on some of my September goals this month, also now that the weather’s warming up it’s time for the vegetable/herb garden I’ve wanted!

Since I live in an apartment and have only a balcony to use, I’ve had to think creatively with my use of space. Pots are my friend and, as there is lots of construction going on in my street, there are ample free resources (which have been discarded) that are ripe for the picking. Think wooden pallets, bricks, clumps of wood etc. Perhaps for drainage, creating trellises and more.

After lugging my new (and reclaimed) garden upstairs, it was time for the arrangement to begin. So far I have:

– 2 kinds of tomato seedlings (mini roma and truss)
– beetroot seedlings
– parsley
– Vietnamese mint

I’ve also bought some seed packets (lettuce, sugarsnap peas, red capsicum [peppers]), which will be a work in progress. I’m surprised at how much space I actually have on this balcony, and look forward to researching more produce for planting. 🙂

The beginning stages of my garden, ready for planting in the morning. 🙂

065. Plant a herb garden

24 01 2010

When will I have achieved this goal? When I have planted a herb garden at home. 

Why did I choose this goal? I love fresh herbs (especially coriander, parsley and rosemary) and would like to have a small supply here at home. Since I live in an apartment with a high-walled balcony, this may be easier said than done!