March Goal Updates

11 03 2010

As work has been getting busier this year, I’ve had to start making a little more effort to keep at working on my goals. I can imagine that by mid-year I’ll be consciously having to print out goal points and stick them to various surfaces around the home and workplace (maybe not the seduction one, hey? ;P).

In the meantime, here are my March updates (while I haven’t completed any new goals, I’ve been working towards them) – Read the rest of this entry »

087. Talk to my Dad in person once per month over a year’s period

31 01 2010

Why did I choose this goal? Even though my Dad and I both live in the same city, we live different (and busy) lives. I want to talk to him more often in person.

When will I have achieved this goal? When I have talked to my Dad at least once per month (in person) over a year’s period.