Reflections on Life

5 10 2011

092. Share a month’s worth of reflections on life’s little things [more info]

For the month of September, I started writing down a little bit about every day and then realised about halfway through how boring it was to re-read, even to me! So instead I decided to use many of the everyday photos I snap on my phone and turned this into a scrapbooking layout at the end of the month. This is what I came up with:

Kit: Life in Motion + Wordarts [collab; Scrap Orchard Designers]
Template: Cut up Templates [Scrapping with Liz]
Font: Century Gothic
Some photo actions from Instagram (iphone app)

I was quite happy with how this turned out and it made me think more about how I wanted to document my year in photos. Another goal to tick off the list!

September Goal-Setting Goodness

9 09 2011

Since I’m trying to get back into the swing of this project regularly, it’s time to set a few goals for the remainder of this month. Here’s what I’ll be focusing on:

004. Frame and display one or more of my photographs at home [more info]
I bought some frames from IKEA recently for exactly this purpose, now to figure out what images to put in them…

031. Re-register for the Validation process [more info]
I really, really need to do this – my window of opportunity is closing fast. Difficult to focus on work when I’m trying to care for the baby.

048. Read 50 books (19/50) [more info]
049. Read 10 books that aren’t from the sci-fi or fantasy genres (6/10) [more info]
Two goals that are going relatively well! I tend to read for 30min a day while I’m feeding Rowan in the evenings, so it’s a matter of finishing the three books I’m currently reading (two of which are child-related, not science fiction :P).

071. Paint a feature wall [more info]
This will be revised to decorating a feature wall (using the frames from goal.004 above)

092. Share a month’s worth of reflections on life’s little things [more info]
See previous entry for more information about this, I’m not sure how I’ll post this. End of  the month? Weekly?

101(b) Reassess every six months for outdated/irrelevant goals (0/6)
I’ve kind of failed at this goal so far, we’re more than halfway in (almost a year to go!) and I haven’t revised the list once. I think it’s needed now though, I see at least five unattainable goals (ie, overseas travel) that I can’t see happening within the next twelve months, so I might revise these to something still challenging, yet soemthing I actually have a chance at completing.

A Month of Musings

8 09 2011

092. Share a month’s worth of reflections on life’s little things [more info]

Time to tackle a new goal for September, and that is about reflecting on life.

This was one of those goals that when I originally wrote my Mission 101 list, thought I’d leave for a ‘rainy day’ (ie, when I needed a pick-me-up). As it turned out, when I truly needed something like this, my son had just turned eight weeks old and finding time for ANYTHING other than feeding or convincing him to nap – or getting myself to nap! – was immediately in the too-hard basket.

So now it begins. I signed up to a website called OhLife! which sends you a daily email where you answer a question (in as little/much detail as you want) and your email response forms the blog entry. Kind of cool, makes it VERY easy to reflect. I’m getting my email to be sent at 9pm daily, when my son is usually in bed and I have a little time to myself on the laptop. See what happens, hey? 🙂

092. Share a month’s worth of reflections on life’s little things

7 02 2010

When will I have achieved this goal? When I have shared a month of daily blog posts about the little things in life that make it great.

Why did I choose this goal? When I’m feeling bogged down by the big things in life, it never hurts to reflect on what is good and positive (or little things that have impacted my day). I always feel better for it as a result.