11 06 2011

095. Hold a newborn baby [more info]

Success! Welcome to the world Rowan, my firstborn son who was born on April 7th. My reason for writing on this blog sporadically this year, I’m hoping to get back on track with working on my goals (which I have been doing, just not documenting).

Hello Baby!

12 04 2010

095. Hold a newborn baby [more info]

I had a gorgeous seven week-old baby girl handed to me at work today (well, thrusted towards me, I didn’t really have a choice on the matter!) when a past parent cme to visit… I was over the moon. On the way home from the Kindergarten, I realised I could cross off this goal from my list now!

But alas, under a technicality I wrote in the information section of this goal “hold a baby who is under a month old”. Three weeks too old! The quest is on to find more babies. 😉

095. Hold a newborn baby

7 02 2010

When will I achieved this goal? When I have held a baby who is under a month old.

Why did I choose this goal? There’s something wonderful (and dare I say it, miraculous) about the journey of a little one’s life from conception through to birth. I have a love of children, but have a slight fear of holding a newborn – I think it’s because they are so tiny. Can I rectify this? I hope so!