Hurrah for IKEA!

18 10 2010

098. Assemble something completely on my own [more info]

Sure, I may love french toast (see previous post) but I also have a not-so-small crush on IKEA furniture and furnishings. Hubby and I are in the process of updating some of our cheaper furniture (which after six years of being knocked about is not looking the best) and we decided on a coffee table and entertainment unit.

Part of the unit arrived yesterday, with the rest being home-delivered in lovely little flat-packed boxes today. Last night hubby reminded me that one of my goals was to assemble something on my own, so I nervously attempted one of the three shelving units that makes up the entertainment unit (sans door; it hadn’t arrived yet).

Short of needing a little extra wrist strength with putting screws in, I surprised myself with putting it together in about 30 minutes! The angles are square, unit is sturdy and it’s going to look great with the other two pieces and the glass doors on. Hurrah for IKEA! 😀

098. Assemble something completely on my own

7 02 2010

When will I have achieved this goal? When I have put something together by myself.

Why did I choose this goal? My husband sees himself as the handier of us (he has an engineering background), so I often miss out on getting to assemble things – new furniture, objects etc. My aim is to work on something to completion on my own. 🙂