Goal Completed: #099

22 07 2010

099. Complete all unfinished tax returns [more info]

Seven months ago I was audited from the Australian Tax Office and found to have not completed three tax returns during the period of 1999-2006. The earlier ones were from when I was a teenager and my parents said I only needed to fill one out when I had a real job (I was working casually in a McDonalds store while studying at university), the 2006 one I have no idea how it happened… I must have forgotten?

Either way, I have had a pile of paperwork sitting on my desk for several months now and decided that today would be a good time to tackle it (I was in hospital on Tuesday and have had some time off work this week).

It wasn’t as ‘bad’ as I thought it was going to be and I was finished within two hours – I even completed my 2009-2010 tax return today as well, so hopefully I get back some money at the end of all of this *fingers crossed*. Another goal completed. 🙂

P.S. – Just need to resize and post my “50 in 50mm” pictures, I’ve  just been slack about putting them online!

099. Submit all uncompleted tax returns

7 02 2010

When will I have achieved this goal? When I have submitted my outstanding tax returns.

Why did I choose this goal? Another uninteresting, yet important goal. I was audited in October 2009 for not submitting a tax return in 200 and 2001 (I worked a fast-food job), and somehow I have to acquire the data to fill in the returns. These were due back in November and the Tax Office hasn’t been on my back about it so i suspect that they owe me some money… time to get into gear and claim it back!