New Recipes: Oreo Cheesecake & Macarons

18 02 2012

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I’ve been into baking sweet treats lately, challenging myself to try new flavours and techniques. In the past two weeks I’ve made an Oreo cheesecake (very easy!!) and macarons.

I wondered what the big deal about macarons were, as they seem to hit a big craze like cupcakes were a few years back. They’re a little fiddly but not by any means too difficult for the home cook. I learnt from the experience about the importance of letting the baked shells cool completely (as in over an hour) after they come out of the oven before trying to remove them from the paper… otherwise they stick and you lose your delicious meringue. I also remembered midway through about turning the baking paper over after you’ve traced the round shapes for piping onto – oops! The recipes recommend 4cm rounds, a milk bottle lid is the perfect size for this…! The recipe I used is here.



Ready to serve (taken on my DSLR)


Lastly, cheesecake pictures: