Markets I’ve Visited

28 09 2012

042. Visit five markets I’ve never been to before  [more info]

I’ve visited a few markets within Melbourne (and surrounds) that I had never visited up until the beginning of this project, which were:

  • St. Andrews Market
  • Hurstbridge Farmer’s Market
  • Flemington Farmer’s Market
  • Bundoora Farmer’s Market
  • Wattle Festival, Hurstbridge

While I didn’t blog about all of these markets, I have pictures of all but Flemington Farmer’s Market, as it turns out (though I remember taking pictures at the time… I just can’t find them on my computer unfortunately!)

Produce we bought from St Andrews Market (2010)

Hurstbridge Farmer’s Market goods (2010)

Bundoora Farmer’s Market (2012)

Hurstbridge Farmer’s Market again (2012)

The Wattle Festival, Hurstbridge (2012)

Hurstbridge Farmer’s Market

2 05 2010

011. Attend a Farmer’s Market [more info]
042. Visit five markets I’ve never been to before (2/5) [more info]

This morning I visited the Hurstbridge Farmer’s Market and sampled some yummy local produce.

I was expecting more fruit and vegetable stalls, but there were a handful of those (pumpkins, apples and potatoes mainly in season) in addition to breads, baked goods, honey and oils. Best of all, chemical and pesticide-free foods! I look forward to going again next month. 🙂

My purchases:

Pumpkin, kaffir lime leaves, snowpeas, garlic, strawberries, raw honey and tarts for afternoon tea with a friend.