Goodbye to Some Dear Friends

7 01 2011

078. Throw away all of the old make-up that I’ve amassed over the years [more info]

This was a stupidly tough goal to knock out of the way, mainly because I’m stubborn when it comes to holding onto things I “might use one day”.

As for old make-up? Ick, I can only imagine the bacteria that’s been kicking around in some of those containers – some of them are well over ten years old! While I don’t have very much more room in my main make-up bag (most of these items were in another bag), at least I won’t have to worry about cross-infections now.

Some of the binned items

My old favourite eyeshadow kit....from high school!

Goal-setting for September

4 09 2010

It’s September, Spring in Australia and with that comes more opportunities for getting out-and-about in the (soon to be here) sunshine! With Spring comes cleaning, perhaps a little nesting and definitely some reorganisation.

Here is what I plan on focusing on from my list for September:

003. Take myself on 5 photo-walks (0/5) [more info]
008. Learn about Photoshop actions [more info]
017. Try out 50 new recipes (6/50) [more info]
022. Drink 1.5L of water daily for three months (1/3) [more info]
031. Re-register for the Validation process [more info]
056. Make a photobook out of our New Zealand pictures [more info]
067. Clean out the pantry every six months and post the strangest thing found (0/6) [more info]
078. Throw away all of the old make-up that I’ve amassed over the years [more info]

Perhaps a little adventurous? We’ll see how it all goes. 😉

078. Throw away all of the old make-up I’ve amassed over the years

26 01 2010

When will I have achieved this goal? When I have thrown away all of the decades-old make-up that I’ve collected over the years.

Why did I choose this goal? I have a box full of old make-up that I packed in a box before moving last year, most of which was from my teenage years…even a few eyeshadows belonged to my Mum in the 1970s and 80s! The colours are so pretty and vivid that I haven’t been able to THINK about throwing them out…but now it’s time. Will I be able to summon the courage?