Goodbye to Some Dear Friends

7 01 2011

078. Throw away all of the old make-up that I’ve amassed over the years [more info]

This was a stupidly tough goal to knock out of the way, mainly because I’m stubborn when it comes to holding onto things I “might use one day”.

As for old make-up? Ick, I can only imagine the bacteria that’s been kicking around in some of those containers – some of them are well over ten years old! While I don’t have very much more room in my main make-up bag (most of these items were in another bag), at least I won’t have to worry about cross-infections now.

Some of the binned items

My old favourite eyeshadow kit....from high school!

There once was a Bookcase…

12 02 2010

082. Find a unique set-up for displaying my jewellery [more info]

 There once was a small, wrought iron folding shelf purchased from a discount store. It lived in my bedroom in my late teenage years, and held the most special and loved of my books (especially Maggie Furey’s Artifacts of Power series). When I moved out of home – and in with my boyfriend (who would later become my husband) – there was no place for the shelf so it went into the back of a wardrobe in the spare bedroom.

I didn’t think of it again until five years later (now married) and rediscovered it when clearing things out before moving house in December 2009. It sat there unassuming, propped up between the Christmas decorations and an old costume box. I thought it needed a function again, and figured I’d like my collection of children’s picture books (for work) on there. It wasn’t until my husband Matt asked me recently if I was going to do anything with it that I realised I was.

So yesterday, sitting crosslegged on the floor while a thunderstorm raged overhead…

 … and the lights flickered on and off, I put the folding shelf to good use… Read the rest of this entry »

081. Try a new hair colour

31 01 2010

Why did I choose this goal?  Because variety is the spice of life! 

When will I have achieved this goal? When I have dyed my hair a colour I’ve never tried before.

080. Get my eyebrows professionally waxed

31 01 2010

Why did I choose this goal? My eyebrows are naturally bushy and unruly, and I often pluck out the odd few hairs here and there. They end up becoming patchy and/or mis-matchy. Before my wedding in 2008 they were waxed by a beautician and looked awesome for about eight months before they slipped back into their old caterpillar shape (and I lost track of maintaining them). My aim is to get another waxing.

When will I have achieved this goal? When I have visited a beautician to get my eyebrows waxed, and maintained their shape for two months.

079. Embrace a different kind of fashion I’ve previously shied away from

31 01 2010

Why did I choose this goal? When I have photographed myself on two different occasions wearing a different style of clothing to what I’d normally wear, making it a fixture in my wardrobe. 

When will I have achieved this goal? Because I tend to stick to wearing the same kinds of clothing. It’s nice to try something new (and possibly a little adventurous at times – good for self-esteem!)